Who the hell is Opheliia anyway?

We are a new alternative rock band blueprinted and stapled together right here in Denver, Colorado, USA! The group consists of Mid Loel on vocals, Nick Grant on lead guitar, Jacob Burton on rhythm guitar, and Matt Maestas on drums. Check us out on all major platforms (and some not so major if you look hard enough).


What are your favorite bands?

Mid: Smashing Pumpkins. Queen. The Mars Volta. Avenged Sevenfold.

Jacob: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rise Against. Ripe. Rush.


So…how did you meet?

Mid found the boys on a site called Bandmix. Think like a dating site but for musicians seeking musicians and rehearsals rather than dates. (Most of us.)

The boys previously played together in a band called Great Communication and have been jamming together ever since.


Where will we hear you?

We are working on a few exciting projects in the early stages at the moment, and you’ll be the first to know right here as well as on all social media when it is ready for the world!

P.S. Ask Jacob about his time performing on top of a semi truck, he’ll love that.